Dec 3 Boy Sets, Christmas, Mommy style, Pixie Lily

Letter to Santa

It’s becoming an annual tradition for us to deliver a letter to Santa in the lobby of “Bob Bob’s” (my dad / the boys grandfathers) office on December 1st. We enjoyed our afternoon in the most festive of environments watching the dancing and instrument playing bears, singing along to one of our favorite Christmas soundtracks […]
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Oct 6 Boy Sets, Little English, Mommy style

Fire Station Visit

When I need to plan an outing and need to plan one fast I love to take the boys to the fire station. It’s probably safe to assume that most moms of toddler boys have learned a thing or two during playtime they didn’t know about fire trucks before having boys and have invested some […]
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Sep 20 Boy Sets, Mommy style

Running Errands

These boys! Running errands takes double the time when I have them with me because we stop and observe everything. Honestly though, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I love taking the time to feed their curiosity – on this day we spent ten minutes guessing how deep the reflecting pool was (my guess: […]
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