Little Teammate

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There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think to myself: “Be good, work hard”.  This is the exact phrase that preceded “I love you” every morning as my Dad dropped me off at school.

When I first got my hands on the book,  Little Teammate and read “Be Ready, do your best, and have some fun” I was reminded of my Dads daily words of wisdom. This precious book, by Alan Williams, tells the story of a little baseball player who’s dad shows him the same kind of love through successes and failures in baseball.  A common factor between my Dad and the father in this book: it really never mattered if I got an A or a C on a test, or, if the child in the book won or lost a game, as long as we tried our best.  Even when our best was not perfect, their love was unconditional. This pretty much sums up the moral of Little Teammate – which also serves as a reminder to children that in life it is important to be the best person you can be and have a little fun along the way.

The illustrations are perfection and took me on a little trip down memory lane making me feel as if I was a child on a warm summer day watching a baseball game.  The words on the pages are more like art work and kept the attention of my big boy, who has already managed to memorize some of the highlighted phrases. Let’s be honest, little brother probably isn’t grasping the moral of the story yet, but he sure does love to point out the ball on all of the pages and help flip through the book.

 I will know I will read this book to my children for years to come, gift it it to other children, and that it will become a family classic.

I look forward to snuggling up in our pajamas and reading books with the kids at night.  These pictures pretty much sum up exactly why!


What Mommy Wore:

Pajamas: Roberta Roller Rabbit

What the Kids Wore:

Pajamas: Sweet Dreams | Lovey: Little Giraffe

Bedroom Accessories:

Headboard: Madre | Rug: Pottery Barn Kids |Lamps: Here | Pillow Cases: Pottery Barn Kids | Sheets: Pottery Barn Kids | Duvet Cover: Here | Nightlight: Here | Sheep Noise Maker: Here | Nightlight: Here | Changing Table: Here


Little Teammate by Alan Williams available here and here.

Photography by JerSean


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