Portrait Perfect

Feb, 4 Boy Sets, Boy-Girl Sets, Easter

You know those amazing pieces that go in a special heirloom box to get handed down through generations?  This darling dress and precious button-on are exactly that.

I chose these lace and linen outfits for my boys and niece to wear in a special portrait for their grandparents (Surprise, Mom and Dad!).  The kids are pretty cute (I know I’m bias) but the clothes were the icing on the cake that gave the photo a classic and timeless look. The outfits even managed to fool a few of my instagram followers into thinking that the kids are “such little angels” 😉.

I’m looking forward to hosting a trunk show at the end of the month for these beautiful clothes.  However, I got so much love on instagram over this photo, and so many questions on where to buy the clothes, I’ve gone ahead and made this a “shopable” post.  If you’d like to buy any of the clothes, use the buy buttons at the bottom of the post. If you don’t see the size you’re looking for send me an email to kari@jojomommy.com and I’ll do my best to track it down.

Happy Portriat taking!  PS-I think these would also make a precious look for siblings at Easter.

Baby boy in a La Jenns Bubble

 Photography by JerSean