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It’s becoming an annual tradition for us to deliver a letter to Santa in the lobby of “Bob Bob’s” (my dad / the boys grandfathers) office on December 1st. We enjoyed our afternoon in the most festive of environments watching the dancing and instrument playing bears, singing along to one of our favorite Christmas soundtracks and spending time with Bob Bob. It’s still quite warm in Dallas so these Pixie Lily outfits were the perfect winter fabric to wear to this winter wonderland that they didn’t get too hot in. It seems that wearing Pixie Lily has also become party of this tradition! (Click here for last years letter drop) This was the first year that big brother has actually written his own letter.  We enjoyed the time together and I think it was a great learning experience.

When writing a letter to Santa I encourage a few things:

  1. It is a great opportunity to remind children to be grateful! A nice “Thank you for all you do to spread Christmas cheer” or “You and your elves work very hard to make Christmas special for boys and girls all over the world, Thank you!” are really nice ways to begin or end the letter.
  2. You better believe I use it as a reminder to the boys to be good!  How about a promise to Santa that they will be on their best behavior!  I remind them of their promise all month long!
  3. Remind the children of the reason for the season.  “Dear Santa, We are so excited to celebrate the birth of Jesus…”
  4. Last year I wrote the letter. This year, I made him Practice Handwriting.  Hot Wheels Ultimate Car Garage Biggest Garage EverHe took time sounding out letters and carefully writing his note.  I recited the spelling some of the words for him and also helped him form a few of his letters.  He even took the time to write “” at the very top of his list.  Its a very cute note and is now apart of his toddler book.
  5. I still have an appreciation for Snail Mail – Use this as an opportunity to show your kiddos the only way we used to send invitations and thank you notes.  Take the time to seal and address an envelope, write your return address, address it to the North Pole, and affix a stamp. Go to the post office or a letters for Santa drop and put the letter in the mail.

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