Jan, 28 Boy-Girl Sets, Charmajesty, Mommy style, Valentines Day

I have a new word for you…

Char-Mag-i-cal (per Jojo Mommy)

[CHär-maj-i-kuh l]


  1. moments so charming, magical, and nostalgic that they are extraordinary special.                                          The children were full of delight, making the valentines party charmagial! 
  2. items so beautiful and special that they are above and beyond the usual.                                                            The Childrens Pajamas are charmagial. 


Some Saturdays call for pajama parties and popcorn.  On these Saturdays, I invite my sister over, who knows how to make even the smallest parties extraordinary.  I told her I would handle the pajamas if she would handle the party.

Between the precious Charmajesty heart pajamas and the festive popcorn bar that Kimberly orchestrated, we had a “charmagical” time laughing, playing, snuggling, eating, and watching cartoons together.

You can find all of the popcorn bar details on Kim’s blog. It featured freshly popped pop corn, various kinds of delicious Valentines day candy, and bags embellished with heart doilies.  The kids enjoyed topping their popcorn with their favorite candy and shaking up the bags to make a delicious snack.

I wore the Charmajesty Boyfriend shirt with pink piping, Kimberly wore the red heart pajama set, Big Brother wore the childrens pajama set with red heart pockets and piping, and my precious niece wore the red hearts nightgown.

I am so thrilled to be the US ambassador for this “Charmagical” brand of children’s clothes and linens.  I can’t wait to help get these beautiful heart pajamas, available in pink, blue, or red, into the homes of many just in time for Valentines day.  We hope you find some inspiration from reading our posts for a fun valentines evening in with your children.

Email me at to place an order for these precious pajamas.  Or, use the code                          V❤️LENTINE 2❤️17 to receive free shipping on your orders over 100$ from  If you would like to come see this beautiful line in person, ask me for February Trunk show details.

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Photography by Jersean



  1. Myrna schlegel says:

    This is so adorable!!! Wish I had been there!❤

  2. lauren says:

    this is MAGICAL Thank you for including us and sharing all your love!!!
    Wish we were there!!!