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Meredith Land

My Morning Spent with Meredith Land talking children’s fashion, partaking in a game of hide and seek with her and her precious children, and enjoying a piece of homemade chocolate pie was nothing short of fabulous.  Anytime for that matter, spent with Meredith is more than fabulous.  Her warm demeanor, friendly smile and positive energy radiate to everyone around her.  I know where she got it – I met her sweet mother on this fun morning and it’s safe to say that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.  Meredith graces the screens in many of our homes every evening as the anchor on NBC 5 News.  Her most prized job though, is being a mother, and a very stylish one at that.  It only take one a few minutes of being around her to notice her intelligence, beauty, and love for life, which is exactly why she is a, “Mom I Heart.”  I hope you enjoy the interview and photos as much as I did.

I admire your work ethic, tell me a little bit about how you landed your amazing job?

After graduating Clemson, I started as a field reporter at the NBC station in my hometown of Charleston, SC. I was incredibly green, generally terrified, but in love with the spontaneity of the industry. I made $20,000 a year for four years and lived at home. A TV agent, Ken Lindner, vacationing in Charleston saw me, gave me a shot and ultimately got me to Dallas for the weekend morning show. I’m still here!

I am so glad you are! I loved meeting your mom during our shoot.  Like you, she is beautiful and kind.  What is the best advice she ever gave you?

You’re sweet to say that. My Mom is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Her advice to me has always been, ‘be yourself.’

She is incredibly chic. Has the way she dressed you as a child, carried over into the way you dress McCall and Alexander?  I completely adore their classic style.

My mother is from a small town in South Carolina called Yemassee. She took cues from her mother and dressed us in smocked or French hand sewn dresses for church or special occasions. A woman named Ada made most of our dresses. The collars were elaborate. I have a bag of old collars in my closet today. I have vivid memories as a child, sitting on Ada’s porch for hours in the hot sun, waiting to be measured. My sisters and I laugh because we dressed like that until we were 14. Some of those dresses still fit me. Ha!

I hope McCall will wear them.  Your kiddos are a few years ahead of mine.  What is your advice for getting through the “threenager” stage?  I need some ;).

My daughter was a breeze. My son flipped the script on us. He was a major rascal at three and I think we just shook our heads and said, “but we love him anyway.” His big brown eyes make me melt and I have to say, my husband is more of the disciplinarian with him.

What has been the most surprising thing over the past year about raising a 4 and 7 year old?

Three and a half years apart and different genders, yet they will play for hours together on weekends. We are a family of homebodies and those two will dress up and pretend for hours together. Xan and I always look at each other and say, ‘they’re heavy pretending.’ Quite honestly, it usually ends in tears.

How would you describe McCall’s Wardrobe?  How would you describe Alexander’s?  You get the best of both worlds when it comes to dressing children.  You get to shop for boy and girls clothes. Do you have a philosophy behind picking their outfits?  

McCall is very traditional and loves all of the hand-me-downs from cousins back in South Carolina. She is oblivious to the trends around her. She loves dresses with peter pan collars the most. Always has. On the other hand, Alexander wants to wear his North Carolina jersey and matching shorts non-stop. For your shoot, we told him the gorgeous button-on suit was actually a police officer’s finest duds. He had a red one at Christmas and McCall and I convinced him it was what a firefighter wears for special occasions. No joke. Image is everything at four, apparently.  I don’t always want them to match but I like for them to look similar for special occasions.

What are five things from each of their wardrobes that you cannot live without?  Maybe that you have bought size and size again?

For McCall I always keep the white eyelet panties, white Mary Janes by Elephantito,  saltwater sandals, Peter Pan collar blouses and classic white bows.
For Alexander, Peter Pan collar cotton shirts, gingham shorts, white knee socks, Naturino canvas T-strap shoes, and pale blue hooded fleece with velcro.

You always seem to have it all together.  What is your advice to mothers balancing motherhood, work, and looking fabulous?

The news cycle is 24 hours a day now and journalists are never unplugged. I’m lucky that I work for an organization that understands that and values work/life balance. That’s the honest truth. Still, some weeks I feel like I can’t keep my head above water and other weeks I think, ‘I’ve got this.’ I’ve learned to set my expectations as a working mother. I can’t have it all and I can’t be there for everything. But, I can be very present with my children when I am with them. I’ve learned to be honest with them about why I work. I used to sugar coat it and try to create this perfect bubble for them. Kids are smart and they want the truth. Most importantly, I tell them that God is with them always, even when I can’t be. As far as looking fabulous, this is all fading and dropping fast. But my grandmother always says, ‘get in bed.’ I nap a lot while they’re in school.

Tell me about Saturday mornings at your house?

My husband lets me sleep in on Saturday mornings and usually takes the kids for donuts.

I’ve bumped into them at the donut shop a Saturday morning or two! What is your favorite activity to do as a family?

My kids love to cook as a family. My husband is a fantastic cook and I like to think we are his sous chefs. My daughter can make a mean chocolate pie, set a stunning table and Alexander is good at licking the sugar out of the bowl. We also love to ride bikes in our neighborhood.

Well, you and your children truly are as sweet as pie!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a mom I heart!


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Meredith Land and Children |

Meredith Land three generation

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What Meredith Wore:

Dress: Tory Burch | Shoes: Gucci

What the Children Wore:

Dress and Button on: La Jenns from | Knee Socks: Jefferies Socks | Mary Janes: Footmates

Photography by JerSean