Moms I Heart: Missy Rogers Peck

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Missy Rogers Peck

Her outward beauty is obvious, and the moment one meets Missy, her inner beauty shines through as well.  When I met Missy at Forty Five Ten in Dallas years ago – before we were both mothers – I was touched by her genuine spirit (and sense of style) and knew instantly that I admired her.  After making pregnancy look extremely chic, her darling daughter, Eloise, arrived punctually on her due date, September 18th, 2016. Naturally, Missy is a great fit to be the first Mother for a series I will write called, “Moms I Heart” featuring different Moms and Children that I adore.

I admire your work ethic, tell me about your job description at Forty Five Ten…

My official title at Forty Five Ten is Events and Hospitality Manager. While this centers on planning store events with our director of programming Apryl Churchill, it also means 100 other things. We wear a bunch of hats. Everyday is different just like every event, private party, trunk show or personal appearance. We also focus on keeping everyone happy. It is all part of the hospitality puzzle, and the part I take the most seriously. In 2016, we opened TTH in Highland Park Village, our new Downtown flagship store on Main, and a Houston location. Having a baby in the middle of all that was not exactly easy, but it was so much fun.

I love Eloise’s name and her nickname is darling! How did you come up with them? 

Growing up, my family would travel to New York City at least once or twice a year. My favorite memories were visiting during the holidays and soaking in all the magic that occurs between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We would drive up to the Plaza Hotel, and it would be a race between my sister and I to who could get to the giant Eloise painting first. I could stand there, in awe, for hours. Such a precocious little girl, living in a old famous hotel, with her dog, pet turtle, and nanny. I would read the book over and over as a child, studying the pink and black illustrations, completely mesmerized by her adventures. I never thought about using that name until Tim and I found out we were having a girl. Eloise instantly became the only name we thought of, so naturally, she is Eloise. Her full name is Eloise Elizabeth and her middle name is after my mother. The first time Tim and I laid eyes on her, we called her Lulu. It wasn’t predetermined but the nickname stuck. It fits her sweet personality. And everyone in my family has nicknames, including the dogs, so we had to establish it early.

Your Mother is also kind and gorgeous!  What is the best advice she ever gave you?

Laughter is the best medicine. Pregnancy (and now parenthood) is no joke, but Tim has a way of making me laugh even at my worst. Like throwing up on the IT guy at Forty Five Ten. Or, having a construction contractor walk in my office while I was pumping. Normally a cringe and cry moment, but Tim made me see the humor in all of it. This stage in my life could be really dark, but I am fortunate to have married a man that brings in the light. And always use eye cream. My mom loves herself some good eye cream.

What is the main thing you’ve learned since becoming a mother?

It takes a village! Not like one or two people, but an entire freaking village. I had terrible morning sickness for the first four months of my pregnancy. Without asking, I had my mom and numerous friends running my errands, bringing us dinner and even asking to listen to my hormonally charged, completely insane self. I am eternally grateful for them. My sister, who lives in Houston, had a baby about a year before me, so she was able to give me the nitty gritty of pregnancy and new momhood, and listen to me when I was scared about bringing a child into the world. She is definitely the “leader of my village”.

What is the most surprising thing about becoming a parent? 

How much more I am in love with my husband now that we have a child together. I see him as a father with Lulu and fall in love with him more every day.

How would you describe Eloise’s wardrobe? How is the similar and different from yours? 

My style is heavily inspired by my chic grandmother’s wardrobe. Although she’s been gone for more than 10 years now, she was always dressed very lady like, and feminine. Much like my own wardrobe, I love to put Eloise in feminine, classic dresses. We brought her home from the hospital in a gorgeous Pixie Lily gown with matching bonnet. Lulu also has quite the collection of shoes, much like her mommy. Our favorites right now are some little Charlotte Olympia kitty flats. My good friend, Suzanne Droese gave Eloise a baby Gucci dress that we cannot wait to wear when it is warm enough. I keep telling Brian Bolke that Forty Five Ten needs a baby/kids section! He hasn’t listened yet, but wouldn’t a mommy and me Gucci moment be amazing?!

You AL-ways seem to have it all together. What is your advice to other mothers balancing motherhood, work, and looking fabulous? 

Again, the village you build is key. I’m lucky to have my parents less than a mile away, and a wonderful nanny who keeps Eloise when Tim and I can’t be with her. Regardless, it is easy for a new mother to want to give all of your time and energy to your child, husband, and work, but then there is nothing left for you. Shortly after I returned to work, I popped into the beauty department at our downtown store. Eneida and Brandon sat me down (tackled me….) and performed “the works.” It was the first time I had taken any time for myself since becoming a mom. I was exhausted and was wearing spit up like an accessory, but that afternoon they made me feel pretty. So my advice is to carve out time to sit still, focus on breathing, and let a swipe of Edward Bess lipstick change how you feel about you.

What do Saturday Mornings look like at your house? 

My favorite thing is to go into Eloise’s room right before she wakes up. I stare at her sleeping and when she opens her eyes, she gets the biggest smile on her face. Best. Feeling. Ever. Then Tim and I take turns going to spin class at Terlingo or Soul Cycle. And there is coffee, lots of coffee.

Your favorite activity to do as a family? 

At this point, we love to take Lulu out to dinner with us. Trying new restaurants and frequenting our favorites has always been a big part of Tim and I’s relationship. We realize we are in a small window of time that Lulu can sit in her car seat and not make a peep for two hours if she has a bottle and a lovie. We even took her to Le Bilboquet when she was five days old. Some people frown when you walk into a nice restaurant with a baby, and I was probably one of them at some point. But, it is not like she is throwing cheerios at you (yet!). My sister and I went everywhere with our parents from a young age. Our mother always taught us, napkin in lap, always say please and thank you, and “if you put your elbows on the table, you kill fairies.” Not sure where that last one came from but I will always remember it. I will definitely teach Eloise good manners!

What are five items in Lulus wardrobe that you will buy size and size again? 

Pajamas from Roberta Roller Rabbit and Kissy Kissy, traditional smocked dresses, mary janes from Elephantito, bloomers with her initials embroidered on them, (really anything with her monogram on it!) and hair bows and headbands. Eloise only has a little bit of fine blond hair now, so I found these precious headbands called Chloe Jean Bows on etsy with a wool felt or grosgrain bow on a nylon band that doesn’t hurt her head. We have a different color for every outfit!

Of course, my time with Missy and Lulu at Forty Five Ten was fun, fabulous and chic and included wardrobe changes. You will find both of their outfit details at the bottom of the post.

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Thank you, Missy!  You’re amazing and your happiness is contagious.  I loved every minute of working on this feature with you.

Kari Kloewer and Missy Peck |

Look One

What Missy Wore:

Dress: Vivetta (available at Forty Five Ten or online) | Shoes: Pierre Hardy for Forty Five Ten (available at Forty Five Ten)

What Eloise Wore:

Charmajesty Heart Bubble (available to pre-order by emailing

Look Two

What Missy Wore:

Dress: Adam Lippes (available at Forty Five Ten or Online) | Jacket: Miu Miu (available at Forty Five Ten) | Shoes: Tabitha Simmons (available at Forty Five Ten or online)

What Eloise Wore:

Dress: La Jenns (available at

Photography by JerSean

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