Fire Station Visit

Oct, 6 Boy Sets, Little English, Mommy style

When I need to plan an outing and need to plan one fast I love to take the boys to the fire station. It’s probably safe to assume that most moms of toddler boys have learned a thing or two during playtime they didn’t know about fire trucks before having boys and have invested some dollars in fire truck clothes and toys! Did you know there is a difference between a fire truck and a fire engine? We learned the difference on todays visit! While a nice fire fighter showed us around he quizzed my big boy on the number to call in case of an emergency, his full name, his moms full name, and his address. Since then, during car rides when I have a captive audience, I often find myself ensuring that the boys know to dial 9-1-1 and asking big brother to recite our address.

Today was one of those days I spent half the day at work and the other half running around with the kiddos. This blouse, dark jeans, and comfy sneakers did the trick for me today. Big brother is loving cords in this Fall weather but still insists on wearing ones that have an elastic waist. He loves the feel of the cotton of this long sleeve shirt and loves the fire truck appliqué even more. Thankfully, I’ve finally found some shoes that he wants to wear more than his nikes and now he has these in a couple of colors. I put my baby boy in this cute shorts set in an attempt to show off his pudgy legs for as long as I can get away with. I love the little embroidered fire trucks down the front! I adore his little red kids and I’m pretty sure I had the same pair as a child.

A big thank you to the friendly fire fighters at the University Park Fire Station who could not have been more welcoming, kind, and eager to teach the kiddos a few things about fire safety!

Dallas Fire Station

Little English Dallas

What Mommy Wore

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What the Kids Wore

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