Sep 20 Boy Sets, Mommy style

Running Errands

These boys! Running errands takes double the time when I have them with me because we stop and observe everything. Honestly though, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I love taking the time to feed their curiosity – on this day we spent ten minutes guessing how deep the reflecting pool was (my guess: […]
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Sep 12 Halloween, Thanksgiving

Fall Pajamas

Their Pajamas | My Pajamas   The tummy bug: a right of passage as a parent, spreads through a house like wildfire, a very fast way to loose 5 lbs. It went through our house over the weekend, inspiring me to write about pajamas. I was the last to get it and I’m spending the day […]
Sep 7 Boy Sets, Mommy style, Moms I Heart, Pixie Lily

Mom I Heart: Lauren Hill

Lauren Hill The moment I read her first post, I knew I was a fan of Lauren and Littles.  It’s hard not to be, not only because I love her dearly, but because its packed full of great playtime activities, children’s book ideas, mommy and child fashion tips, and features her beautiful self and her […]
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Aug 24 Boy Sets

Back to School

After a great summer, the boys (and I) are excited to start school.  Here are a few of my back to school favorites for toddlers: Mint Backpack and Lunch Box.  Here is what Sew Stitchin Fancy and I whipped up for my little ones this school year. There are several lunchbox styles to choose from. […]