May 17 Boy Sets, Children's Books, Mommy style, Sweet Dreams

Little Teammate

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think to myself: “Be good, work hard”.  This is the exact phrase that preceded “I love you” every morning as my Dad dropped me off at school. When I first got my hands on the book,  Little Teammate and read “Be Ready, do your […]
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May 10 Boy Sets, Mommy style, Moms I Heart, Pixie Lily

Mom I Heart: Leda Jackson

She grew up with a love for fashion and has been making children’s clothes since she had a child of her own. I loved my morning coffee with Leda Jackson, the founder, owner, designer and well, everything behind Pixie Lily.  Classic and simple, yet so utterly chic, Pixie Lily‘s”tiny couture creations” have graced the wardrobes of […]
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May 9 Boy Sets, Mommy style, Zuccini Kids

Air Fort

One of the most fun things to me about being a mom is to act like a kid again from time to time.  Of course, I am supposed to be the responsible one. But, sometimes it sure is fun to horse around and pretend like I am one of the kiddos.  Do you remember building […]
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May 2 Boy Sets, Mommy style

Button Downs and Button Ons

My big boy is really into being “the same” as his Daddy. Which means that he has been wearing a lot of button down shirts lately.  As he grows up and starts getting rather strong opinions about what he will wear (it requires bribery for him to agree to take off his nikes), I find myself […]
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