Running Errands

Sep, 20 Boy Sets, Mommy style

These boys! Running errands takes double the time when I have them with me because we stop and observe everything. Honestly though, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I love taking the time to feed their curiosity – on this day we spent ten minutes guessing how deep the reflecting pool was (my guess: 1inch his guess: 1,000,000 inches) and wondering if any fish could live in it.  Then shortly after we took a ten minute snack break, which is my trick for getting in quality conversation time with them.

The weather in Dallas is still quite warm.  I’ve been trying to keep us all dressed in outfits that don’t scream summer, but that still allow us to feel comfortable when we are out and about.  When my days are split between work and running around the with kiddos I tend to reach for a blouse, jeans, and flats when I get dressed in the morning. I was not too sure how I felt about the mule trend so I started with a pair that wouldn’t break the bank and I’m so glad I did. I found these and I am in love – they are so comfy and I think pretty cute.  They might appear in my wardrobe in black as well!  I put the boys in their new outfits they picked up on a recent shopping trip with their Gaga. When little brother saw the sweater he has draped over his shoulders he had to have it – he’s obsessed with dogs these days.

What Mommy Wore:

Blouse | Jeans | Shoes | Earrings| Purse | Nail Polish

What the Boys Wore:

Shirts | Pants | Sweater | Red Shoes | Grey Shoes


mom of boys Running Errands    Snack Break  

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