Fall Pajamas

Sep, 12 Halloween, Thanksgiving

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The tummy bug: a right of passage as a parent, spreads through a house like wildfire, a very fast way to loose 5 lbs. It went through our house over the weekend, inspiring me to write about pajamas. I was the last to get it and I’m spending the day in my PJs today. Here are my favorite jammies for Fall.

For your infant or toddler |¬†Lil’ Pumpkin Pajamas

For your child ages newborn to 24 months | Lil’ Pumpkin Footie

For your son, 18 Months to 6 years old | Penn’s Pumpkin Loungewear

Pumpkin Pajamas

And for the girls 18 months to 8 | Mabry Kates Pumpkin Loungewear

For your son ages 12 months through 6 | Forest Friends Smocked Loungewear

For Mom | Soft Jersey Pajamas

For Dad | Majestic International Cotton Pajamas

Photo from Nordstrom.com