Moms I Heart: Bina Palnitkar Patel

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Bina Palnitkar Patel

Bina and her husband, Nimesh, met in a way that sounds quite serendipitous.  While she was working as an options trader at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange and he was in his neurosurgery residence they crossed paths on the street of Chicago’s Gold Coast.  Although they did not speak, their eyes met, and they were instantly attracted to one another.  The following week, they found themselves at the same party.  What were the chances?  They have been married for 9 years now, and have two beautiful girls, Lana (3) and Lila (1).  The whole family is gorgeous, Dr. and Mrs. Patel are geniuses, and they are just flat out fun to spend time with. So, how could I not feature Bina as a “Mom I Heart”?

You are living proof that brains a beauty can co exist!  I admire your work ethic.  Tell me about your job description.

That is very kind of you to say Kari, thank you. I am a trial attorney at Greenberg Traurig, which means I go advocate the rights or issues of my clients, whether it is making someone stop using our clients’ trademarks or arguing to a jury why my client is entitled to millions from a company’s breach of a contract. Its never a dull day when you deal with subjects ranging from dog food names to rap videos, and our clients are wonderful to work with.

I love the girls names, Lana and Lila.  They have nice little ring to them.  How did you decide on names? 

Thank you! Lila is my maternal grandmother’s name, so that is pretty sentimental. Lana was a name we liked, and we love Lana del Rey, and then I saw it again on the CW. Is that the worst? I named our kid after something on the award winning channel “the CW?” It is, isn’t it?

I’ve loved getting to meet your mom!  What is the best advice she ever gave you?

I’m so glad! She is my best friend and we probably call each other like 5 times a day. Honestly there has never been any advice that she has given which is not 100% perfect. Some of the best advice she has given me is to embrace the chaos – “kids are not robots” (as she says in her sweet calm accent). One minute everyone is acting perfect and the next it is wheels off crazytown. It is not anything you as a mother are doing that is right or wrong, so don’t blame yourself – they are just kids and they are going to be bonkers. Just go with it and laugh.

What is the main thing you’ve learned since becoming a mother or how has it changed you life the most?

I have definitely learned patience and tolerance. I remember those days before kids when I would sit on a plane and pray that a crying kid would not sit next to us. Now if someone tries to give the evil eye to my kids on a plane its over for them. I’m kidding, maybe. But honestly, I am a lot more patient with everyone in general because I have to be patient and understanding with the girls.

I love how you dress your girls.  How would you describe their wardrobes?

From you that is a real compliment. I would say they are usually in light and easy clothes – and are seldom in matching outfits. I may coordinate their clothes sometimes, but I like to give both of them an individuality in what they wear, because they are two individual people. The style is usually classic, but current.

You always appear to have it all together.  What is your advice to other mothers balancing motherhood, work, and looking fabulous? 

I’m glad it appears that way, but I promise you I don’t. I have my breakdowns like any normal working woman or mom, because I suppose I’m trying to do it all. My husband has to put this humpty dumpty back together again every so often – but he truly believes in me more than I believe in myself. It is nice to find strength in women who are on the same path as you, with the same challenges. If you are a working mom – try to find other mothers who have similar personal goals and children the same age, who will have solutions to problems you may encounter. And there is zero shame in outsourcing things like grocery shopping if you need more quality time with your family. The baby lawyers in my office have taught me the magical ways of certain apps that will do everything for you – even your grocery shopping.

What do Saturday mornings look like at your house?

Saturday mornings at or house are always fun cooking pancakes and eggs. Then we have some activity like walking to the parks down the street, hanging out in the backyard and dancing, or attempting to make it to soccer or one million birthday parties.

What is your favorite activity to do as a family?

Our favorite activity hands down is our Patel Dance Party. After the last person comes home for the day, and before we do anything else, my husband blasts some tunes through the house and everyone dances to a couple songs in the living room or on the patio. Lately its Bruno Mars and the Weekend, but Frozen or Bollywood finds its way in at times. The baby just shakes her bubbly rear in her diaper but Lana is quite the skilled dancer.

What are 5 items that you could not have lived without in the girls wardrobes?  Things that you have purchased over and over or size and size again?

1. White lambskin mary janes from Baby Deer.  These go with everything.
2. White bows from Wee Ones. These really hold in their hair yet we seem to lose them everywhere.
3. Camo – I love dressing the girls in military colors and camo because it is unexpected on a little girl.
4. Cherries – Lana is obsessed with wearing anything with cherries, so much that she literally asked for the shirt off the back of a classmate and the next day came home with the shirt courtesy of her classmate’s mother. She loves anything with cherries on it, so Bonpoint is a staple in our house.
5. I really love soft white dresses. There is something so pure about a little girl in an all white simple eyelet or gauze dress. Baby Dior and Pink Chicken are the last two I remember pulling out of their closets.

I hope you love our photos from our fun filled morning at their beautiful home.

What Bina Wore:
What I Wore:
Top: Trina Turk | Jeans: rag & bone | Shoes: Tory Burch
What Lila and Lana Wore:
Dresses: Anavini and Funtasia Too | Shoes: Baby Deer | Bows: Wee Ones

Photography by JerSean

  1. Aasha & H Patel says:

    Great Article with Thoughtful Responses & Answers ! The Great Motherly Love . Our Darling Lana & Lila Looks very Very Beautiful & You as well !. We all Love You !. Love It & Feel Proud Grandparents & in Laws !.