Little Goodall Bunnies

Apr, 6 Boy Sets, Easter, Mommy style

Next to dogs, I’d have to say that bunnies are my favorite animal.  Over the years I’ve found myself picking out clothes for the boys adorned with rabbits. I was very excited when a package full of Little Goodall goodies arrived on my doorstep just in time for Easter.  Little Brother giggles every time he touches the rabbits nose on his Bunny John John. Big brother definitely has a little extra hop in his step the second he puts on his linen bunny coat, the perfect spring jacket for “cool-ish” days in Texas terms.  We all know that some bunny clothes scream “wear for Easter only”, but I love these outfits because while perfectly fitting for an Easter Egg Hunt, they are also quite suitable to wear on any spring day that calls for something special.  These are the first Little Goodall pieces of had for my boys, but they certainly won’t be the last.

Little Goodall   


For the Kids

John John: Little Goodall | Jacket: Little Goodall | Polo: Funtasia | Bike: Wishbone

For Mommy

Shirt: Mi Golondrina | Jeans: J Brand | Pants: Janie and Jack | Shoes: Nike