Button Downs and Button Ons

May, 2 Boy Sets, Mommy style

My big boy is really into being “the same” as his Daddy. Which means that he has been wearing a lot of button down shirts lately.  As he grows up and starts getting rather strong opinions about what he will wear (it requires bribery for him to agree to take off his nikes), I find myself hanging on with all my might to one piece button ons, bubbles, and diaper sets for baby brother. This darling set from Dressie Jessie Smocking fits the bill to keep all of us happy. Big Brother gets his button down, baby brother gets his button on, and mommy gets a coordinating set for them complete with monograms.  As a Jojo Mommy reader, you will receive 10 percent off your purchase with code JOJOMOMMY10 through 5/5/17.

Since I typically referee an intense game of “keep the ball away from baby brother” as I get ready, I tend to lean towards looks that are easy to throw on and are fuss free.  Today’s outfit is made up of classics: dark skinny jeans and a classic blouse from Draper James.


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What Mommy Wore:

Shirt: Draper James | Jeans: Frame | Handbag: Hermes

What the Kids Wore:

Little Brother: Dressie Jessie Smocking (for a 10% discount use code: JOJOMOMMY10) | Big Brother: Shirt: Dressie Jessie Smocking (for a 10% discount use code: JOJOMOMMY10) | Pants: Janie & Jack| Shoes: Saltwater Sandals | Lovey: Little Giraffe

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