I Love You Dress

Jan, 31 Charmajesty, Valentines Day

There are several ways to say “I love you” – one of them is with this precious Charmajesty dress.  With this dress, I love you can be stated in pink, blue, or violet…and in cotton or linen.

Wearing this dress is a sweet way for a little girl to say “I love you” to a bride and groom as a flower girl, a mommy on her birthday, Jesus on Easter, or a baby sibling during a newborn photography session.

As a mom of boys, I don’t get the opportunity to shop for little dresses and play tea party often. Fortunately, whenever I need a dose of girly-ness in my life, my niece comes to the rescue.  The second I laid eyes on this dress, I knew she had to have it.  I hope when she wears it she is always reminded of how much I love her.

Don’t wait until the last minute to order this special dress.  They take about five weeks to make and arrive from England.  Email me at kari@jojomommy.com to add it to your little lady’s wardrobe.

Photography by JerSean