Things look a bit fishy…

Oct, 31 Boy Sets, Petit Ami, Vive la Fete

When Daddy announced he was taking the boys fishing I naturally wanted them to dress the part!  This smocked fishing shirt from Vive la Fete seemed like the perfect wardrobe choice for big brother.  Baby brother wore some corduroy overalls adorned with a bass from Petit Ami to coordinate.

As a side note: Fishing with Daddy today was not only a great way to enjoy the outdoors and quality time with one another.  Here is what I notice when my big boy goes fishing — it teaches him patience, shows him how to handle anticipation, forces him to practice his balance and coordination, and is quite possibly the only way we have ever gotten him to wait quietly for something he really wants…to hook that fish!  As for baby bother, he was completely fascinated the entire time.