Most Magical Time of the Year

Dec, 20 Alice Kathleen, Boy Sets, Christmas

Christmas has always been my favorite time of year.  Just when I thought I couldn’t love Christmas more, I had children.  Children make Christmas time magical.  As I watch the wonder in their eyes as they look at every decoration, the extra beat in their step as they listen to carols, the intentness as we discuss the birth of Jesus, and the anticipation that takes over their whole bodies as they unwrap gifts I try and bottle it up inside.  I try to fill December days, especially Christmas break, up with festive actives for the kids both inside and outside our house!

Today, I dressed the kiddos up in plaid outfits from Alice Kathleen that I found completely irresistible.  Big Brother is wearing a red tartan hem pant and Stuart shirt.  Baby brother is wearing a red tartan Randall bubble.  Kathryn, the company founder, has designed a collection that I literally want every single piece of for the kids.  Her designs combine intricate details with classic design that give an overall youthful yet sophisticated look for the children wearing them.  These darling outfits leave us with timeless photos of this special day we had together.

Those moms out there who share my same affinity for beautiful and timeless children clothing are sure to quickly become obsessed with this brand.

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