Mad for Christmas Plaid

Dec, 16 Boy Sets, Christmas

I took big brother into The Tot Pop up shop in Highland Park Village to pick out a toy as a reward for some extra spectacular behavior.  We walked out with a toy plane, and these really precious Amaia Kids outfits.

The plaid dress shirts look “manly enough” for my husbands taste and the peter pan collars still keep the kids looking youthful and classic enough for mine.  I love the combination of the red bloomer shorts for baby brother and coordinating velvet and corduroy pants for big brother. The green sweaters are just yummy, they are so soft – and I love the leather button detail.  After getting some fresh air, we peeled off those sweaters before adding the finishing touches to our Christmas tree.   The look of wonderment every time they take a look at our tree warms my heart.


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