A Visit to the Real Santa

Dec, 9 Bailey Boys, Boy Sets, Christmas

img_2252I recently took my little goobers and their cousin (my niece) to the Northpark Center in Dallas for our annual trip to visit Santa. On the way there, big brother asked if we were going to see the real Santa or a pretend Santa. I quickly came up with a story that Santa is “everywhere” and sometimes he has helper Santas working for him since he can’t physically be in more than one place at a time. So if the Santa we saw at Northpark wasn’t real, he was definitely going to report back to the real Santa at the end of the day.  After all, this was our third visit to Santa in one week…it was only a matter of time until he noticed that each one looked a bit different.

The boys looked charming in their “Kelly Corduroy Shorts Sets” from Bailey Boys, classic Jefferies Socks, and FootMates saddle shoes, and their darling cousin matched them in a holiday plaid dress by Suzanne Lively Designs that I had been unable to resist on a recent shopping trip. The trio’s coordinating holiday outfits made such an impression that people stopped us in the mall to pay them complements!

As you can see in the photos, emotions were running high at our visit. Not surprisingly, Baby Brother was very upset and wanted nothing to do with Santa yet. He better end up on the nice list! And in the end, Big Brother determined very matter-of-factly that the Santa we visited was real. He took his discussion with Santa very seriously and listened intently when Santa spoke. He was very proud to tell Santa his number one wish for a Hot Wheels Car Garage.2016-12-05-16-15-15

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